About Us

In the beginning of the year 2001 we, some friends graduated from university together, used to meet often to discuss about our career and future. We used to talk about employment, business and society. We are non-smoker, non-addict but we have witnessed during our student lives the harm of drugs was causing irreparable harm of our friends and was painful for us watching them in a miserable condition whom were not able to complete their study, those thoughts given us what we should do to stop the drug addiction in our society. The idea of ‘GREEN LIFE’ took root at our discussion table and leads us to establish ‘GREEN LIFE’ (a center for treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts) ultimately.

Our consciousness and watchful attention can keep the person’s, the family and the society away from drugs. This disease is curable. A proper treatment at proper time can bring an addict to a normal family life. But remember not getting distracted by the social scandal and disgrace from the other people about the treatment.

‘GREEN LIFE’ has been working to invite amongst people against drug in the society by holding rallies, arranging discussion meetings, distributing poster and leaflets. ‘GREEN LIFE’ is trying to involve people to build a drug-free society and healthy nation.

(A true to say: Addiction is a severe family and social problem. It breaks down families, causes erosion in social values, breaks up or stops studies of the students, reduces person’s earnings and increases wasteful expenditures. It is an impediment for social progress. The addiction causes premature death which put families into financial turmoil.)