Alimur Rahman, Uttra, Dhaka

Being an addict I use to live in constant fear and have huge resentment against every one. I tried covering up my shame and guilt with arrogance. I was suffering from low self-worth. My relationships with my wife, children and parents were totally broken.

Thanks to Green life. I got open-mind and this place gave birth to a new life. I am very grateful for the direction, understanding joy and hope I have now got. In the book of my life, “Green life” will have the biggest chapter!

Ejtehad Hossain, Mirpur, Dhaka

I had been an addict form the past 8 years. I had reached such a stage where I was sick and tired. I realized that I was getting away with the real happiness of life.

It was at this point of time I was admitted to “Green life” and realized all my problem and wrong doings. I started recovering out of my family. Today I have a happy life, a happy family and a happy business community. God bless.

Zobayar Bin Zakaria, Comilla

It’s a great pleasure to introduce “The Green Life”. When I came here I was initially feeling trapped and close minded and angry with everyone. This place made me understand I was in trouble. I began to like the programs introduce by the Green life, and started having good sleep without drugs and got my appetite back.

As the week passed and I attended the sessions and followed the daily routine. I began to understand the ill effects of drugs on my body, mind and soul and also on the people around me. I was taught how to keep away from drugs and most important how to say no. I was taught anger management and learnt humility. Today I am trying to complete my graduation. I celebrated my 1 year clean time in the Green Life Rehab Centre. By using the same program I have quit smoking and am able to get a clearer perspective to life.