What is addiction

What is Drug?

Drug is an herbal, medicinal or chemical substance which always urging and creates addiction. Drug creates physical, psychological and mental damages. Name of some drugs which used in Bangladesh are Wine, Opium, Morphine (Yaba), Pathedrine. Heroine, Phencidyl, hashish, bhang, chars, tidigesic injection etc. cigarette is also a kind of addiction because most of the addictions come after cigarette.


What is Addiction?

Addiction is kind of urging which a person feels often and upon for that unhealthy dependency is created. Addicted persons are not bad, they are not mad, they are physically and mentally ill.

When a person is trapped by addiction?

  • Curiosity about drugs
  • Influence of the drug addicted friends
  • Ignorance about bad consequence of drugs
  • To grow up in adverse family and social environment
  • Availability of drugs
  • Unable to withstand mental stress
  • Self fortune, frustration and any failure

Injurious effects of drugs:

Family and social damages

  • Family troubles and strained relationship.
  • Unable to complete education.
  • Becoming a victim of social denunciation and hatred,
  • To spend money for addiction and treatment.
  • Deterioration of law and order.

Mental damages

  • Restlessness, irritability and frustration.
  • Sleeplessness and fatigue.
  • Loss of memory.
  • Excessive suspicion.
  • Propensity to crime.
  • Suicidal tendency or Suicide.

Physical damages

  • To become affected with complicated diseases like AIDS, cancer and venereal disease,
  • Loss of eye sight.
  • Damage liver, heart attack and lung problem.
  • Get thin due to malnutrition.
  • Become insane.
  • Impotence of men or barrenness of woman.
  • Premature death.

Symptoms of drug addiction / how will you know an addicted person ?

  1. Sudden change in behavior.
  2. To spend more time alone sometimes and change of friendship.
  3. To become inattentive in studies and sports, to miss class and to mix more with some new / old friends.
  4. Always sleepiness, drowsiness, weakness.
  5. To remain awake in the night, to go to sleep in late night, to rise late in the morning.
  6. To lose grace or to have black spots under the eye.
  7. To become incoherent in speech.
  8. Irritable disposition, sudden aggressiveness or recklessness or get angry at trifling matter.
  9. Sudden increase in expenditure to create anarchy / to break the materials in house, to ask for loan often, to show excessive courtesy, to tell lies always and to steal.
  10. All time restlessness, to display extreme restlessness.
  11. To be unmindful of cloths, to remain dirty and lack of extreme punctuality.
  12. To find burnt papers, blade, syringe, candle and sticks of match here and there in the house.
  13. To have a running nose and watering eyes suddenly, to scratch nose frequently, to have the tendency to remain alone and feverish feeling.