Recovery Program

‘GREEN LIFE’ conducts treatment activities by following 12 steps Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) and Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) programs also scientifically   developed methods which are more effective and productive in the treatment of drug addiction.


‘GREEN LIFE’ Treatment Method

It is a full-fledged treatment of drug addiction with following outline:

  1. De-addiction process (Withdrawal time & Assessment)   – 1 month
  2. Treatment & Rehabilitation process (In-house curriculum)  – 2 months
  3. Follow-up process (Developed relation with family)          – 1 month

(Extended 1 to 2 months in special cases, if necessary)

  1. De-addiction process -1 month

First step: Different physical problems occur (convulsion, stomach pain, vomiting, body pain, headache etc.) during withdrawal time (first 1 to 15 days) due to patients staying away from drugs. Our doctors give solutions to those physical problems. In this case no medicine is given to cure drug addiction.

2nd step: In the subsequent (15 to 30 days) our Doctor, psychiatrists doctor work for the resolution of physical and mental problems (if any) of the patient, thereafter begins rehabilitation process.

  1. Treatment & Rehabilitation process- 2 months

Following some steps that are carried out in the rehabilitation process in ‘GREEN LIFE’ is:

  • Stabilization
  • Motivation
  • Exercise
  • Group therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Learning and training
  • N.A. and A.A. meetings
  • Therapeutic community
  • Positive peer culture
  • Personal and group Counseling
  • Indoor games
  • Recreational programs
  • Religious education for the Muslims
  • Religious duties (5 times prayers including Jummah Prayer for the Muslims) also other religion can perform their religion activities freely.
  • Family counseling
  • Post treatment service

(Note: The top personalities attached with the management of ‘GREEN LIFE’ also provide guidelines to the patients from their long experience. They often exchange views, opinions about effect of various drugs and family matters with the patients.)

  1. Follow-up process – 1 month

Follow-up is a part of treatment. It is very important part of each patient to maintain follow-up process after completion their rehabilitation course (in-house curriculum). In this process patient is free from in-house activities and given them to go home to stay with family to develop relation with family, relatives with in scheduled time frame of ‘GREEN LIFE’. This is come & forth process with the center and home. Completion of this process patient become a ‘GREEN LIFE’ Recovery and given them a Recovery certificate. A Recovery is always welcome at ‘GREEN LIFE’. They can stay free of cost and consult any of their needs.

Extended 1 to 2 months (in special case, if necessary)

Regarding this, when a patient took long time drugs and he faces both physically and mentally illness, in this case patient may need more time to cure. All depends upon patient health condition and advice of Psychiatric doctor, Psychologist, Programmers and Councilors. In this situation management of ‘GREEN LIFE’ inform family members and consult with them.  Final decision is being taken with the consultation of both parties.