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Welcome to Green Life Rehavilation Center

“Green Life” is a well known, well established treatment and rehabilitation center for drug addicts. “Green Life” is a social welfare and non-governmental organization. It has received license from Directorate of Narcotics Control, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It has also received registered certificate from Directorate of Social Service for its quality, goodwill and professional excellence in the field of treatment. The registration numbers of the license and the certificate are 54/2011-2012 and Dha-06616 respectively.

The “Green Life” is generally run by following narcotics anonymous (N.A.) program. Good treatment is also provided to the mentally ill patients and persons suffering from behavioral problems (anger, obstinacy, excessive demand). The Green Life has been playing a leading role in treating and rehabilitating the drug addicted people since 2001. More than 1800 patients are now enjoying family and social life like a normal person after receiving treatment from Green Life. It is committed to establish a drug free society along with other countries of the world, so that the young generation could establish and live in a healthy society and stay far away from the virulent grip of drug in the world today.