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‘Welcome to GREEN LIFE’

‘GREEN LIFE’ is a pioneer, well known, well established treatment and rehabilitation center for drug addicts. The commencement of ‘GREEN LIFE’ was on 2001, to treat the addicted people of the society and ensure them to lead drug free healthy life. Since then ‘GREEN LIFE’ is playing a leading role in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts and psychiatric patients. More than 3500 patients are treated and enjoying their family life after receives treatment from this center and has established themselves in their professional carrier as well as in the society.

‘GREEN LIFE’ is a social, non-governmental organization. It has received license from Director of Narcotics Control of the government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh and has received registered certificate from Directorate of Social Service for its quality, goodwill and professional excellence in the field of treatment, the numbers of the license and certificate are 54/2011-2012 and  Dha-06616 respectively.

‘GREEN LIFE’ is generally run based on Internationally WHO (World Health Organization) recognized 12 steps Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) and Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) program. Also scientifically   developed methods which are more effective and productive in the treatment of drug addict. A good treatment is also provided to mentally ill patients, psychiatric patients alongside patients suffering from behavioral problems, anger, obstinacy, excessive demand etc.

‘The management of ‘GREEN LIFE’ is committed to establish a drug free society in Bangladesh along with other countries of the world, so that the young generation could established and live in a healthy society and stay away from the virulent grip of drug. Government of Bangladesh already declared a zero tolerance on drug traffickers, sellers and users.